Diamond Bars: The Street Version

Diamond Bars: The Street Version is the rerelease of previous material, now published as a leaner and meaner volume. Diamond Bars: The Street Version will make you laugh, cry, get riled up and fall in love. It contains crowd pleasers like "Cheese Enchiladas" and "Bars of Diamond." It has been reviewed by the Tony Award Winner Poetri, author of Up the Street Around the Corner Besskepp, and West Cost Editor of Rock & Rap Confidential Lee Ballinger. It features cover art by Matthew V. Galarza and photographs by Gene Shockley.


Part traveler's guide and part diary, Fuzhou takes the reader on an expedition through the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of a faraway land. Fuzhou is the second collection of poetry from David A. Romero, chronicling the poet's eight month stay in the Fujian Province of China. Fuzhou also includes The Story Poems, a grouping of poems coupled with illustrations by Audrey McNamara, Matthew V. Galarza and Megan Dong.

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"Diamond Bars: The Street Version is a joy to read and look at. The pictures add a certain depth to poems that are already filled with pain, love, joy, love lost, laughter and introspection. If you ever plan on going on a trip, I suggest you drive through this book and check out the scenery."

Poetri, Tony Award winner and HBO Def Poet

"Diamond Bars: The Street Version offers a collection of poems and short stories capable of allowing the reader to feel like he is in the same room, building, house, street, protest, or on the same freeway. Romero carefully constructs a body of work that can transcend all ages and ethnicities. Who says words aren't powerful? This book is the medicine we need to heal wounds, the fire we need to get off our couches and the honesty we need to move forward."

Besskepp, HBO Def Poet and owner of Dimlights Publishing

"David Romero is one of the hardest working young writers in Southern California. His collection of travel poems, Fuzhou, shows him coming of age while teaching English in China. He reports back adventure, loneliness and romance through his poems and comical verse. He puts everything out on the table. While everyone else wants to be too cool, Romero laughs at himself. This collection of poems shows an original voice emerging as well as a great snapshot of an American poet negotiating his way through 21st Century China."

Mike the Poet, The LA Times Featured Author of I Am Alive in Los Angeles

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