David A. Romero is a regular guest poet for the Ontario-Montclair School District; with performances and workshops for school assemblies and classroom visits. Romero teaches lessons on poetic devices, such as: alliteration, rhyme, metaphor, simile, personification, and onomatopoeia, and teaches basic poetic structures, such as: acrostic, concrete, diamante, and cinquain.


Romero also encourages the students to write in free verse, with prompts developed by himself and poets he has observed and worked with, prompts that ask the students to write about their five senses, the meaning of their names, their self-esteem and responses to bullying, the love they have for their families, and many more!

Romero has presented at Vina Danks Middle School, Euclid Elementary School, Sultana Elementary School, 

El Camino Elementary School, Kingsley Elementary School, Serrano Middle School, De Anza Middle School, Buena Vista Arts-Integrated Magnet School, Moreno Elementary School, Berlyn Elementary School, Mariposa Elementary School, Linda Vista Elementary School and Central Language Academy.


Romero has also presented workshops for kids at numerous other elementary, middle/junior, and high schools throughout southern California. 

Rates of classroom visits depend on Romero's availability, school location, the duration of the visit, etc.

To inquire about scheduling a classroom visit from Romero, please contact





by Anonymous
My grandma is a taco.
But she is more
Than a taco to me.
Both are soft like
Her tacos are
And always will be.
But my grandma 
Is not a taco.
(from lesson on metaphors and similes)
Tattooed Ranchera Song
by Eddie Arellano & Angel Alvarez
My grandpa is ranchera music,
His cousin is a tattoo.
They both stand out.
And both have a certain meaning.
Our family is
A Tattooed Ranchera Song.
But, they are also not.
Our families are the same.
(from lesson on metaphors and similes)

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