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VIDEO: “Open Letter to Edward James Olmos” by David A. Romero



Here is a new video posted by spoken word artist David A. Romero with his response to Edward James Olmos’ post-Super Bowl picture with Governor Jan Brewer.

It is called “Open Letter to Edward James Olmos.”

What do you think? Let us know.

Here is the entire piece:

Open Letter to Edward James Olmos
by David A. Romero

Dear Edward James Olmos,
It has come to my attention
That you took a private jet
To Arizona from the Super Bowl
With Jan Brewer
I may have been deceived
You are such an accomplished actor
It would appear that was your arm
Hanging over plush and white cushions
Draped over Jan Brewer’s slippery shoulders
I may have been deceived
You are such an accomplished actor
It looks like you two
Are smiling like old friends
In your Instagram
Picture together
Como se dice “Sell out?”
Como se dice “Race traitor?”
Como se dice
Then threw-us-under
Headed for Arizona?”
Sounds like Moctezuma
Looks like nostrils flaring
Feels like saliva and mocos
Gathered up in mouth
And hurled at your feet
You have betrayed us
Edward James Olmos
“Now boarding”
Did you feel something
In the marrow of your bones
Telling you not to get on that plane?
Stories of corpses haunting the desert?
Of Minutemen patrols?
Did their victims give you pause?
Could you feel something
Tugging at your heartstrings?
Those violins
Serenading another funeral party
Did they move you?
Could you feel something
Like a knife stabbing into your traitor’s belly?
Did it stab into you like you were driving home
In front of red and blue lights flashing
Frozen in terror
Watching as they came?
Did it hit you
Edward James Olmos
After you took the photo?
Did you excuse yourself?
Did you wipe the sin off of your hands
And lose yourself in a swirling drain of remorse?
Edward James Olmos
Of course you didn’t
Edward James Olmos
You felt fine
Flying high
Jan Brewer never gets stopped
Governor Bruja can fly over borders
She gets what she wants
Travels with impunity
Because she owns the law
And besides… what’s the plight of your people
When you get an easy flight
Back from the Super Bowl?
Edward James Olmos
Chicano actor
What will you tell us?
That in that cramped airplane compartment
You maneuvered through niceties?
Dialogued about racial understanding
And social policy?
Or, will you tell us that you cursed her
Through those smiling teeth of yours?
Is that what you did?
Edward James Olmos
Because that would take… ganas
Ganas you apparently left in New Orleans
But if we are to tell stories
Here is one for you
Your plane never touched down in Arizona
It was grounded
It fit a profile
Of the 1%
And sell-outs like yourself
A loud voice boomed
We need to see your papers and ID”
Jan Brewer was escorted from the plane
Belligerent and brought out in handcuffs
For her crimes against humanity
And you, Edward James Olmos?
We stripped you of your zoot suit
Of names we had held close to our hearts
For so many years
El Pachuco
Edward James Olmos
All we were left with
Was your sad carcass16
An empty plane
And the realization
You had never been
The first Chicano

Read the original article HERE.

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