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From Zoom performances, to workshops, to presentations, to hosting open mics and slams, to proofreading, editing, and formatting books of poetry, to website development, and graphic design, Romero has the services you are looking for.

For booking or inquiries, please contact:

PERFORMANCES                                                                        $1,000


Looking for a poet to be a featured performer for your slam or open mic with a performance of around 30 minutes?


Romero also performs solo for a period up to 2 hours, entertaining your student body with his poems, stories, and slideshow featuring personal photographs as well as images from history and current events.

WORKSHOPS                                                                             $1,000

Looking for a workshop leader to engage students to write about the issues that matter and the issues that matter to them? Romero leads workshops that teach writing techniques and performance skills, promote critical thinking around social issues, encourage attendees to open themselves up emotionally, and learn how to set goals and how to achieve them.

PRESENTATIONS                                                                       $1,000


Looking for a unique speaker who will present social justice issues in a way that is both challenging for the expert and immediately engaging for the novice? For audiences who would like to explore certain issues in greater depth than would be addressed in a performance, and would prefer to forego the interactivity of a workshop, Romero's presentations will educate, entertain, and inspire.

HOSTING                                                                                  $1,000


Looking for a host for your slam (poetry competition), open mic, showcase, or other kind of performance? As the former host of an open mic, the host of numerous poetry and music showcases, and the organizer of a number of slams, Romero's experience with dealing with equipment and schedules, with performers and venues, along with his charismatic stage presence, will ensure your event is a success.

BOOK SERVICES                              $500 (PLUS TRAVEL AND EXPENSES)


Looking for someone who can collect student work and compile it into a book after a workshop (or series of workshops), or over the course of a year? Or, are you an individual who is looking to publish your own work? Romero can help you transcribe, proofread, edit, format, and design a cover for a book in a variety of sizes (pocketbook, 6 "x 9" US Trade Paperback, square, etc.). *Price does not include printing costs.



Looking for someone who can work with you to develop a website for yourself or your company? Romero has experience working with a variety of apparel and sourcing companies, as well as with individuals: poets, artists, writers, and actors, to create custom websites with multiple pages and features. *Price does not include costs for buying domain names or hosting.

GRAPHIC DESIGN                           $50 PER IMAGE, $300 FOR CATALOG


Looking for someone who can design a flyer for your concert, open mic, showcase, or private event? Romero can also design marketing materials including, but not limited to, postcards, press kits, mailers, stickers, buttons, etc. *Prices do not include printing costs.

For booking or inquiries, please contact:

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