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Looking for someone who can collect student work and compile it into a book after a workshop (or series of workshops), or over the course of a year? Or, are you an individual who is looking to publish your own work? Romero can help you transcribe, proofread, edit, format, and design a cover for a book in a variety of sizes (pocketbook, 6 "x 9" US Trade Paperback, square, etc.).

For book services inquires, please contact:



Romero can compile poems written by students during one of his workshops, edit them, format them, and design a pocketbook (4.25 x 6.88) to be made available to the students 2 months after the workshop. These pocketbooks can be listed print to order; with an order as large or as small as the client and/or students would prefer. Romero has produced pocketbooks for Peer Connections at the LGBT Resource Center at UC Riverside, the Say What? Teen Poetry program of the Los Angeles Public Library, and students at the Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center in San Bernardino, CA.


Learning by self-publishing, his own first two books in 6" x 9" US Trade Paperback format, Romero has gone on to proofread, edit, design covers for, and format books for Say Word L.A. (for youth poetry program graduates Krys Bragg and Danielle Shorr), Edquest writer Nisrine Aboulhosn Miramontes, Love and War writer Lee Ballinger, and the Nogales Poetry Club. *Most popular format.

PROOFREADING                                                                  $200-$300 


Will you or someone else see your project to print with a graphic designer making and formatting your cover? Can you communicate online, through texts, or over the phone over details without having to meet in person? Romero can proofread your book for as low as $200. Romero proofread N'Jedi T'Challa's The Book Called: The Album.

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