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Find out what students, professors, and administrators have to say about David A. Romero and his performances, workshops, presentations, and other services!

Campus Administrators

“Romero offered amazing workshops at the Inspiring R’Leaders Conference. Romero was well-received and I know many UCR students are fans! We look forward to working with him in the future.”


Ellen Whitehead

Director, Student Life

University of California, Riverside

William Vela pictured on far right


"As a student leader on campus with MEChA and SCALE, David was heavily involved in these important issues and worked closely with me and El Centro Chicano. As an alumnus, he has continued to be a great resource that both I and the Latina/o Student Assembly (LSA), which is the umbrella organizations of 20+ Latina/o club/orgs, have tapped over the years. David A. Romero has participated as a slam poet in many of our events. I asked him to host our Project ReMiX Slam Poetry & Talent Night. He did an incredible job in both hosting and performing, providing an environment that encouraged my students to express their opinions on various important cultural and political issues. David covered contemporary issues that Latinos face such as “pochismo” and immigration. He also covered a lot of identity development and community empowerment, which both are very important issues that I want my students to find support in and find role models like him. David is doing great work and I am very proud of the impact and far reaching nature his work is having on young minds of today. He is definitely an educator with unique skills that assist him to reach students in ways others cannot.

I strongly endorse and support David A. Romero’s work as a slam poet, author, and educator."

William "Billy" Vela

Director, El Centro Chicano

University of Southern California

Toi Thibodeaux pictured second from right


“We love David A. Romero and all of his work and activism! Romero has been on campus several times to conduct energetic and engaging workshops on leadership, recruitment, engaging students, etc.”


Toi Thibodeaux

Program Coordinator, LGBT Resource Center

University of California, Riverside

Brian Ross pictured second from right


“We were very happy with everything Romero had to offer -- the spoken word and the guest hosting with one of our student staff members.  Our staff, participants, and overall campus reaction was very positive.”


Brian Ross

Events and Programs Manager, The Loft

University of California, San Diego  

“Romero is a really good presenter for college campuses, and we would like for him to return. His work is very sincere, and that is most appealing to our campus audience.”


Tamara Holder

Coordinator, Cross Cultural and Osher Adult Re-Entry Centers

California State University, San Bernardino

Rachel Schmid pictured on left


“Romero helped us put on such a great slam event! I really like that he has a focus on Latino and Chicano studies. I think it’s very important for the California Lutheran University community and, also the larger Thousand Oaks community, to have some exposure to his poetry.”


Rachel Schmid

Curator, William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

California Lutheran University

“Students were so happy to be part of the slam that Romero hosted and it received great reviews.”


Yadira Rosales, M.Ed.

Director, Multicultural Student Services

Skagit Valley College

“The pocketbook Romero designed for us looks fantastic! Thanks to Romero for pulling the materials together so quickly so that the book would be available for students to have at the next workshop.”


Stacey Grady

Director, The Well

University of California, Riverside

“I thought Romero’s message was impactful and I am glad he was able to be a part of this critical dialogue with his workshop on Cultural Appropriation.”


Sharon Torres

Coordinator, Project Humanities

Arizona State University

Professors and Educators

Michele Shaul pictured on left


“Such a super performer. The kids are still talking about him.”


Michele Shaul, Ph.D.

Professor, World Languages Department

Director, Center for Latino Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

Queens University of Charlotte

“There was some great feedback afterwards about Romero’s talk. Another student besides the one who spoke up in class asked me for his information; he also writes poetry and was inspired by Romero’s work. Thanks to Romero allowing us to record his talk, the students will be able to view it on our online course site. I am interested in the possibility of incorporating one of Romero’s poetry writing workshops into a future class collaboration.”


Eliza Noh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Coordinator, Asian American Studies Program

California State University, Fullerton

“I really loved and related to Romero’s performance. He made me laugh and think and feel. What beautiful work he is doing in the world. Truly impressive!”


Aimee Carrillo Rowe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Rhetoric, Feminist Theory, and Cultural Studies

Co-director of the Civil Discourse and Social Change Initiative

California State University, Northridge

“Romero did an amazing job presenting his workshop Last Words.”

Jose Manuel Zamora
Adjunct Professor, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies
California State University, Fullerton

“Romero was truly a gift to us. The kids treasured the book he made with their poems. I admire and respect his talent. He is a natural with kids and I hope our paths will cross again! They adored him!”


Bobbi Caldwell

Gateway Phase 1 Teacher

REACH Liaison

San Bernardino Detention and Assessment Centers

Student Leaders

Keaunis Grant pictured fourth from left, left of Romero


“It was a pleasure to have Romero come to UWM twice and he did an amazing job! TAU Chapter of Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority hopes to have him return for future events!”


Keaunis Grant

President, Tau Chapter, Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Saeger Godson pictured on far left


“On behalf of the entire CCMA executive board, I can say that Romero gave an excellent performance. Romero’s poetry adroitly shines light upon pressing issues that are often ignored in our society today. It was a great honor hosting an event with him and we look forward to working more with him in the near future.”


Saeger Godson

President, Chicagoland Coalition for Minority Advancement (CCMA)

Loyola University Chicago

“It was wonderful to have David A. Romero visit and speak.”


Amelia Carte

Graduate Assistant, The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs

Shepherd University

Maria Ruvalcaba pictured top row, second from left


“We were glad to have Romero be part of our MEChA high school conference. The students enjoyed his presentation very much.”


Maria Ruvalcaba

President, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán

University of San Diego

“We loved having David A. Romero come to Drexel and everyone that was there was raving about his performance! We will definitely keep him in mind for the future!”


Gabriella Tremoglie

Graduate Fellow for Campus Activities

Drexel University

“It was great to have Romero speak with us and do a workshop the following day!”


Christine Granillo

President, Creative Writing Club

California State University, Fullerton

Oliver Robbins pictured second from left


“Romero gave a wonderful performance. I especially enjoyed 'Secret Beaches.'"


Oliver Robbins

President, All Write! 

Sonoma State University

Jennifer Schwartz pictured on left


“Romero’s workshop was an amazing and inspiring experience. I am truly blessed to have met him and look forward to seeing him perform again sometime. Romero is one that has inspired me to follow the rainbow of my dreams.”


Jennifer Schwartz

Poetry Editor, The Salmon Creek Journal

Washington State University, Vancouver


Nestor Rodriguez pictured on right


“I have had the opportunity to hear in person great minds of our society and was struck by how down to earth and nice they were: author Junot Díaz, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Dr. Cornel West.  David A. Romero follows in that tradition, and I hope nothing but the greatest success for him.”


Nestor Rodriguez

Chairman, Hispanic Alumni Council

University of Memphis

Kimberly Currin pictured on bottom row, far right


“David Romero has done several poetry workshops for foster youth in Southern California that I have coordinated. The youth were deeply impacted by his performances. He opened their eyes to the art of poetry. The way he conducted the workshop helped the youth to open up and dig deep to create poems that helped them to express their emotions. David has a very engaging format to his workshops and helped the youth to realize their talent. His feedback was both encouraging and helpful. I highly recommend David Romero both as a performer and for workshops.”


Kimberly Currin

Event planning professional

Mission Viejo, CA

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