As seen on All Def Digital, Latino spoken word artist David A. Romero travels from Southern California to perform poetry and share his stories about food, family, social justice issues, and Latinx culture. In a show that combines performance poetry, personal testimony, and politically-charged commentary with a slideshow featuring images from history, current events, and Romero's own life experiences, Romero moves crowds to laugh hysterically, think critically, feel hungry, cry tears of joy or sorrow, and raise their fists in protest.


Romero relates what it's like to be a “pocho,” or, a Mexican-American who identifies more with mainstream American culture than what is often expected by society from his racial identity. His status as an outsider among his own people makes for an insightful, and often humorous, exploration of Latinx culture and identity politics. However, not merely a comedian, Romero's passion for social justice, coupled with his experience as a political activist, expresses itself in fiery poems that touch upon issues of racism, immigration, war, and economic injustice.


Travel and lodging can be handled in two ways: 1) the university makes the arrangements on Romero's behalf (preferred) or, 2) Romero makes the arrangements and is reimbursed with the total check.

For booking, or inquiries, please contact:

UNDER 30 MINUTES                       $500 (PLUS TRAVEL AND LODGING)


Looking for a poet to be a featured performer for your slam or open mic with a performance of around 30 minutes? For an event that he is not also hosting, Romero can join as a featured performer, capping off the event, or joining other featured performers brought in for the event.

*Performances under 30 minutes do not require the use of a projector.

UP TO 2 HOURS                             $500 (PLUS TRAVEL AND LODGING)

Romero performs solo for a period up to 2 hours, entertaining your student body with his poems, stories, and slideshow featuring personal photographs as well as images from history and current events.

View a recording of the slideshow performance at Lake Tahoe Community College.


*Performances up to 2 hours require the use of a projector.

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