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UNE News - Spoken word artist David Romero conducts workshop with UNE’s English Club students

UNE News

Mar 24, 2017

On March 2, UNE’s English Club sponsored a workshop, titled “Self-love and Beauty,” by David Romero, a Mexican-American spoken word poet and activist.

Romero performed pieces of his own poetry on the topic of self-image. He then led an exercise in which the students worked as a group to collectively create a poem that represented their concepts of self-love. He concluded the workshop by guiding the students to individually write their own poems, which they shared with the group.

English Club President Alanna Sachse described the event as “very inclusive” and “relaxed.” “Everyone was able to share without being nervous,” she said.

Club member Melanie Calicchio agreed. “It was both entertaining and interactive! A great introduction into the world of spoken word art,” she stated, adding, “Romero’s passion was palpable!”

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