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Cultural Appropriation
Workshop by David A. Romero

AGES: 16+

$1,000 (plus travel and lodging)

Download workshop description



Presentation and poems - 60 minutes

Group activity - 30 minutes

Group presentations - 20 minutes

Closing discussion - 10 minutes

Total time: 120 minutes (2 hrs)



In this workshop, students learn about various forms of cultural appropriation: from indigenous wear found in Halloween costumes and “race parties,” to the appropriation of black music by white musicians in American music, and the appropriation of local cuisines and fashions by international food and fashion conglomerates.


As the students learn how to spot appropriation with the help of feminist scholar bell hooks' essay, “Eating the Other,” they are tasked with finding examples of cultural appropriation from various magazines supplied by Romero.

Groups will present their examples of cultural appropriation on butcher paper, examining: what culture the cultural elements originated from, what their original cultural significance was, who is using them now, how their cultural significance has been changed, and for what purpose.


Cultural Appropriation teaches students how to identify a more subtle form of racism, one that instead of seeking to outright destroy or segregate another culture, seeks to cannibalize it; consuming elements considered desirable in order to strengthen itself, and discard all else. The workshop also helps students distinguish between cultural appropriation, cultural assimilation, and cultural appreciation.








Watch a recording of Cultural Appropriation recorded at South Dakota State University:

Cultural Appropriation has been presented at:


• Arizona State University
• Rush University in Chicago, Illinois
• Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida
• Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland
• Eastern Oregon University in La Grande, Oregon
• Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson, New York
• Hampden-Sydney College in Hampden Sydney, Virginia
• South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota
• Cal State Fullerton
• UC Santa Barbara
• UC Riverside (x 2)


Listen to an interview / promo for "Cultural Appropriation" at UC Santa Barbara on college radio station, KCSB, below.




David A. Romero has not yet developed a flyer template for this workshop. However, if you decide to book Cultural Appropriation, Romero can design a flyer for the event for no extra fee.


*All workshops include a performance from David A. Romero.


**Workshop requires projector, projection screen, laptop connection, sound system and microphone (preferably cordless). Paper and writing utensils must be provided by students or host institution(s). This workshop also requires markers and butcher paper for breakout activity.

$1,000 (plus travel and lodging)

Download workshop description

Travel and lodging can be handled in two ways: 1) the university makes the arrangements on Romero's behalf (preferred) or, 2) Romero makes the arrangements and is reimbursed with the total check.

Can’t afford the rates? Contact Romero with an offer and see if he can write off the difference as a charitable donation! 

For booking, contact:

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