The Criterion Collective Episode 1 - The


During the pandemic of 2020, revolutionary poet Matt Sedillo (Mowing Leaves of Grass) came up with the idea and show title for a web-based film review show of classic/foreign/art films that meet a certain "criterion." Sedillo reached out to filmmaker and poet Jeanne Marie Spicuzza (Night Rain) and to the nationally-touring spoken word artist David A. Romero (My Name Is Romero) with the intent for them to meet up, whether digitally, or in person, to discuss great films, and thus, The Criterion Collective was born.

Each Saturday, LIVE from Matt Sedillo or David A. Romero's Facebook page at 1 PM PST, The Collective reviews a film chosen by a member of The Collective, or, by a special guest. Episodes are added to this page following each live recording. Episodes are also available on Anchor and Spotify.

Special guests include:

- Paul Mabon (Actor and poet, Downsizing, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, HBO's Def Poetry, "Alan" of Progressive Insurance)
- John Cantú (Film trailer editor and filmmaker, Us, F9: the Fast Saga, Better, Retribution, Las Cafeteras' "Luna Lovers")
- Carlos Aguilar (Film critic, Variety Latino, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times)
- Guy Hoffman (Drummer and musician, Violent Femmes, BoDeans, Oil Tasters, Absinthe)
- Doug W. Jacobs (Playwright, director, actor, teacher and producer, San Diego Repertory Theatre)
- Tanzila "Taz" Ahmed (Essayist, poet, screenwriter and podcast host, #GoodMuslimBadMuslim)
Victor Payan Executive Director at Media Arts Santa
- Pocha Pena Co-founder at Media Arts Santa Ana
- Lupe Montiel (Filmmaker, writer, producer, board member for Girls IN Focus)
- Mark Shady (Film Consultant, Producer’s Rep, Sales Rep; Head of Feature Films Division, First Focus International)
- Stephanie Spicuzza (Producer, Night Rain)
- Amaya Spicuzza (Actress, Night Rain)
- Paul Booth (Podcast host, Talking Pictures)

- Brett Herrick (Cinematographer, Welcome to Black Rock, "Basketball with Edgar Allan Poe")
- Andrew Sedillo (Podcast host, Vox Informa)


The Criterion Collective 62 - A River Called Titas

The Criterion Collective
The Criterion Collective 62 - A River Called Titas