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Writing: Addiction

Workshop by David A. Romero


$1,000 (plus travel and lodging)

Download workshop description




Reading of poems by Romero - 10 minutes

Students look over "Signs of addiction" and discuss - 20 minutes

Students reflect upon how addiction has affected their friends and family - 10 minutes
Students discuss fun times they have had with substances (trigger warning) - 10 minutes

Romero tells his story and how he decided to become sober - 10 minutes

Student writing on bad experiences they have had with substances - 30 minutes
Student reading time - 20 minutes
Student discussion time - 10 minutes

Total time: 120 minutes (2 hrs)



As a recovering alcoholic with years of sobriety, Romero tells his story of moving from denial to acceptance and encourages participants to tell their own stories; wherever they are on their own journeys with addiction.


Not only for those with a past of substance abuse themselves, this workshop can also help those with friends or family members who have suffered from addiction come to terms with it and gain a better understanding of what they may be going through.



This workshop seeks to help participants find root causes for addiction and solutions through writing and discussion. This workshop presents therapy and sobriety as possible alternatives to substance abuse.








Writing: Addiction has been presented at:


 UC Riverside



David A. Romero has not yet developed a flyer template for this workshop. If you decide to book Writing: Addiction, Romero can design a flyer for the event for no extra fee.



Longer workshops, as well as multiple sessions, to culminate in a student “Slam,” (poetry competition) can be negotiated.

Professional-looking books and chapbooks to collect student work produced during workshops to be made available two months after workshops are conducted can also be negotiated.

*All workshops include a performance from David A. Romero.


**Workshop does not require multimedia. Paper and writing utensils must be provided by students or host institution(s). A supply of tissues, snacks, pillows, and other items of comfort, is encouraged.

$1,00 (plus travel and lodging)

Download workshop description

Travel and lodging can be handled in two ways: 1) the university makes the arrangements on Romero's behalf (preferred) or, 2) Romero makes the arrangements and is reimbursed with the total check.

Can’t afford the rates? Contact Romero with an offer and see if he can write off the difference as a charitable donation! 

For booking, contact:

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