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Why Don't You Marry It?

“You are cordially invited To the wedding of Mr. David A. Romero And Mrs. Macaroni and Cheese- Romero

Please RSVP Services will be held this July in Newport Beach.”

It will be a sunny day On those sand-kissed shores Where azure blue skies Will kiss deep blue waters Black fold-out chairs Filled with friends Family And fans So many will be in attendance No Not for me But for those who have loved Still love And will always love Mac and Cheese I will wear a tuxedo My spiked hair tousled by the wind Carrying the ocean's breeze I will stand on that shore Underneath an arch filled with flowers Sunburnt Smiling Squinting Unbelievably happy The organ player will strike the keys Here comes the bride all dressed in white A large white bowl Filled with my love She will be golden and glowing Hot and steaming Cheesy and voluptuous The Mac and Cheese I adore She will be brought out by the flower girls / Maids of honor After all This was their idea When one day my niece Larissa said, “I really like Mac and Cheese” And I said, “Well, I love it!” And my niece Kaelyn asked, “Why don't you marry it?” Right then and there I raised a bowl of Mac and Cheese Pressed the porcelain against my cheek And I asked her so earnestly, “Mac and Cheese Will you marry me?” And wouldn't you know it

A glob of cheese dripped onto my forehead She said yes! All my of my friends were so impressed Mac and Cheese and I

Received boxes of "Congrats" But not everyone could understand Some said, "Dave You are marrying an inanimate object Dave You are mocking the institution of marriage" So many doubters If they only knew Our love so true Her orange hue Chasing away my blues And on that day we give our vows I will say, "Mac and Cheese I promise to love And eat you all the days of my life" And she will respond in elegant silence One of my cousins will start crying The justice of the peace will say, “You may now eat your bride” I will use my fork to dig in And will consider myself very fortunate Because while many have claimed to have loved Mac and Cheese Over the years It was only I

Who could finally marry her.

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